Will Butterworth Trio


  • Morgans

  • Saturday September 24
  • 17:30 - 19:00

A stimulating four way discussion for piano, bass and drums, an encapsulation of all that’s good about this exceptional quartet.

Talented composer and pianist Will Butterworth will be joined by Seb Pipe on alto sax, Nick Pini on bass and Marco Quarantotto on drums in the Will Butterworth Quartet to play “The Nightingale and The Rose”, a part-composed part-improvised suite inspired by Oscar Wilde’s children’s story of the same name.

The suite employs beautiful melodies and rich and dark harmony to retell Wilde’s story of love and sacrifice, and comes to a dramatic crescendo as the final song of the nightingale is performed. The group uses these melodies as starting points for improvisation.

Although it will be officially released on the Jellymould label in February 2017, a special preview version of a CD recording of the suite will be available for sale at MJF16.

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